Nose to Nose with a Hummingbird!

I was just nose-to-nose with a hummingbird! (Does a hummingbird have a nose?) 

I was standing on the porch enjoying the sensations of an upcoming storm. All of a sudden, I heard a buzz next to my ear (no it…

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Hankering for a hunk of Hummingbird Cake

I have had a long-standing hankering for a Hummingbird Cake. I'm not sure what inspired the craving. Maybe it was the abundance of hummingbirds who fly about in the trees outside my window. Yesterday, I finally gave myself the time…

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A'Musing Mondays: Magic Lilies!

This past week I discovered something amazing---Magic Lillies! 

In the spring, my friend V and I had been discussing flowers that might grow in my new landscape. She had mentioned these flowers that basically pop up out of nowhere right…

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The unquantifiable path to Creative Motivation

Yesterday an ole band geek buddy reached out to me and asked me how I help people stay motivated and creative. I didn't respond immediately because my answer was too convoluted for a DM. This is not the first time…

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Where is joy? It's in the details.

Last week I was talking with a neighbor- there's a whole lotta chatting going on in this little town:) She said, "there's never anything new here." That gave me a pause, because I love walking around and exploring. I always…

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A'Musing Mondays: Skin Cancer...Seriously????

Happy Monday!

Well, I've got skin cancer!  What???? How did that happen?  It happens ya'll.  What more can I say.  Actually I can say a lot more so check out the video:)



A'Musing Mondays: Fundraising? Amusing? Hmmm...

Happy Monday! 

Currently my attention as come to this: 
Fundraising.  Can it be fun? 

After running 4 fundraising campaigns from 2015-18- 3 for STUCK and 1 for Smart Cookies with Jenni Tooley….wait…make that 2 for Smart Cookies…Let’s start over.  After…

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A'Musing Mondays: Dumpster Flowers! The Redux

Howdy my friend!

So I was thinking about death.  Wait a second, let me rephrase that.  I was thinking about the idea of cut flowers-- and not wanting them because they "are only going to die". Well, the dumpster flower…

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A'Musing Mondays: Dumpster Flowers!

Hello darlin!

I keep thinking that I'm going to get back to some heavy-duty musing, but my guidance keeps leading me toward the light, so here goes...

Yesterday I saw a post in my Buy Nothing Group.  Someone had dumped…

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