Are you ready to reveal your potential and live a comfortable, prosperous, and creative life, but you don't know how? I'm here to tell you not to worry: Your journey is already underway!

Confessions of an Aging Ingenue: Interactive Companion Guide is not your typical self-help book. It's not yet another book on gratitude, affirmations, or how to improve your mindset. It's not a guide, a planner, or even a book! It is a Living Canvas through which you can free your creativity, embrace your authenticity, and finally break free from all those conventional rules which have done nothing but cage you

…Without allowing you to truly be yourself.

Consider it a trusted friend and a creative sketchbook to accompany the Confessions of an Aging Ingenue podcast episodes, a place where your mind- and your hand- are free to move in any direction you want until you have found a path...Your own.

Each chapter in this sketchbook perfectly aligns with the Season 1 episodes of "Confessions of an Aging Ingenue," totaling 15 chapters mirroring one of the Podcast's episodes.

Within each chapter, you will find:

  • A Memory Transcript of the episode that will refresh you on the contents of the episode – You can take notes, share your thoughts, and draw based on your current inspirations... There are no limits!
  • An Express Yourself Page where you will find a prompt linked to the theme of the episode.
  • A Celebrations and Gratitude Page – as well as gratitude and celebrations seal your newfound insights, making them easier to integrate and manifest in your life.
  • And many more surprises!

But wait! There's more;)

When you purchase the Ultimate Bundle, not only will the book be shipped directly to your mailbox but you're going to get some very special treats, hand-selected by me, to enrich your experience.  I am so excited that I am including colorful markers, stickers, Artistea, Moody Chocolates, glitter pens! and other inspiring goodies to support empowerment and encourage you to bring out all your creativity.

I made this just for you, and I am ready to deliver it to your mailbox… But just like in the Companion Guide- we're in this together. You have to take the next step. You're the only one who can give yourself this special gift so take action and grab your copy now!

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