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These email programs are designed to support you during the challenges associated with specific  times of the  year. A perfect gift for you and your friends! 

  • December=  Dec 1-15. 25 Days of Light in the form of self-care tips, resources, and uplift. 
  • New Years= Jan 1-21. 21 Days of Mantras to support your New Year's goals. 
  • Valentines= Feb 1-14. 14 Days of Love Notes. 

Choose to go solo or purchase a 2-pack or 5-pack and gift them to friends!  

PLUS: 20% goes to Austin Pets Alive! the largest no kill shelter in America:)

Want a sample? Here ya go!


Q: When do I receive my first message? 
Depending on which program you order, you will receive your first note on Dec 1, Jan 1, or Feb 1. If you don’t see an email, please check your junk folders. If you still can’t find it, reach out, and I’m happy to help.  If you join a program midstream, you will receive a email within 48 hours.  It won't be Day 1 but you’ll find all prior gifts listed in your first email. You won’t miss a thing!

Q: How much does it cost? 
You can join for $6.00 each. $10 for 2. $20 for 4.  Creative Space Members receive 20% off. 

Q: Is there a deadline to join? 
Yes! 25 Days of Light: Nov 29. 21 days of Affirmations: Dec 28. 14 days of Love Notes: Jan 28. 

Q: Can I join from anywhere? 
Yes! All you need is an email address.

Q: Can I send this as a gift? 
Of course! When you checkout, please include their name(s) and email address(es) in the notes section. Please let your loved ones know to expect the emails prior to the first email being sent. 

Q: If I purchase for someone else, will they automatically be added to a solicitation email list? No. They will be kept in a group designed just for email program participants.  They will be asked at the end of the program if they would like to be added to my newsletter. 

Q: If I purchase as a gift for someone else, will you send them an email telling them it's from me and what if it goes to their spam box?  Day 1 will  have a quick general reference to this being a gift (but it won’t be specific as to who it is from). You would need to contact them in advance to give them a head's up that their first letter is coming on Dec 1, Jan 1, or Feb 1. That way if it automatically goes to their spam box they can look for it.  Just let them know you gifted them the program and if they don’t see the first email then they need to check their spam box for an email from   If you signed them up midstream, the first letter will arrive within 48 hours (It will not be Day 1, it will be whatever day we are on in the program.) 

Q: Is the program appropriate for minors? The answer is "yes"!  Although the programs were not designed for kids, there is no adult content in any of them so they would be appropriate for teens. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
Paypal or credit card. Once you enter your name and email, you’ll have the option to enter your card number or choose to pay via Paypal. 

Q: Do I need special login information or a password? 
No. Everything will be delivered via email. 

Q: What if I’m not very tech savvy? 
No problem! If you can open email, you can enjoy this program. 

Q: What if need help?
I am happy to help! Please email me at