They're baaaackkk!!!!

Email Programs have returned! You love them. I love them. We all love them! Everyone can use a little kindness in their inbox- particularly during the holiday season.  Each program is specially designed and curated by me to support you during the challenges associated with specific times of the year. When I designed these programs, I was yearning for the days when I used to get excited about walking to the mailbox and getting the mail.  A perfect gift for you-and your friends! 

You can expect poetry, humor, guided meditations, funny videos, tips on how to keep your holidays happy, and more!

Consider me your old-school pen pal who you don't have to write back (unless you want to:). Or a little angel who drops little goodies in your inbox. Or that good friend who makes stuff for your friends during the holidays.

Keep on scrollin' to purchase yours, check out a sample, and get the FAQ's about how email programs work and how you can gift these programs to friends, co-workers, or family members!

Dec 1-25: 25 Days of Light in the form of self-care tips, resources, and uplift. Think of it like an advent calendar of tasty little gifts!

 Jan 1-21: 21 Days of Mantras and gentle coaching to support your New Year's goals. 

Feb 1-14: 14 Days of Love Notes from your [not-so] secret admirer:)

An email a day keeps the heebie-jeebies at bay!