Sharing the light:)

Hello lovely patrons! 

It's a beautiful (hot) day here in Texas!  I'm doing my best to find the light in what looks like a very dark world right now. I've come to understand my place in things, at least for the time being, is to support those who are closer to the frontlines of the issues that we're working through rather than jumping to the frontlines myself.  In doing that I have found it incredibly important to take very good care of myself so that I have something to offer when I am contacted by someone who is running up against something very heavy. 

I thought I'd share some of the light I have found with you, just in case you needed it today. 

We've had a lot of rain which means that everything is lush-- lots of beautiful wildflowers and grasses are in full throttle.  I've spotted several hummingbirds, a multitude of butterflies and a few deer while hiking.  In my home I've spotted these two beasts: 

The grand lion, Sunny.  You'd never guess that this guy is disabled.  He teaches me every day that I need to let go and let things be just like they are. 

The ever-curious, Toast.  Sunny's womb-sibling is more dextrous than her brother but still a wobbly cat.  She loves to chase the ever-present bugs that sneak into the house (I live in Austin;) She is very patient with her brother who doesn't have very good navigational skills and is likely to run smack dab into her. And she knows how to nap! 

I had a fantastic opportunity last week to judge the Reel Owl Festival.  You may remember that I spoke to the film students at Garland High School last year-- well this year I got to view their work.  It was awesome!  It took me about four hours to view and judge their online submissions. I had a hard time deciding how to vote-- which gave me more compassion for the people on the other side of the festival/grant table.  I was very impressed with how some of them turned what could have been a hurdle (COVID stay at home) into a powerful resource.  I'm very impressed with this Title 1 school and all the great work they are doing. 

I also appreciate Austin Film Society's thoughtful response to COVID- for the first time ever they are offering 4 development grants. It's $5000 that can be used towards anything you want as long as you present them with a completed script in a year.  They highly recommended that when telling them what we are going to use the money for, we said "to pay myself".  The application was simple but it really took alot out of me to get it together.  Whether or not I receive the grant, it was great to go through the application process because it forced me to be very clear about where I am in my filmmaker's journey, where I am going, and how this next film will get me there.  It also forced me to think through the next film.  As soon as I get some more gusto back, I will share some pieces of the application with you. 

I'd also like to thank Laura M for increasing her Patreon pledge this month! What a great gift! I love that Patreon doesn't lock you in to specific pledge amounts- you can choose any odd number that you like.  

I appreciate each of you for supporting my work.  You all rock!!! 

Sending love and light:) 


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