The holiday sampler is here!!!

Could someone on your gift list use some Creative Life Support right now?  
Check out these holiday goodies-from simple stocking stuffers to full-spectrum support!

Oh!  And don't forget to put yourself on your gift list too:)

Let's start with email programs! These are great Virtual Stocking stuffers!

These email programs are designed to support you during the challenges associated with specific  times of the  year. A perfect gift for you and your friends!  You can check out a sample here. 

December=  Dec 1-15. 25 Days of Light in the form of self-care tips, resources, and uplift.  
New Years= Jan 1-21. 21 Days of Mantras to support your New Year's goals.  
Valentines= Feb 1-14. 14 Days of Love Notes.  

Email programs are a gift that keeps on giving:) Buy them separately or as a bundle!   PLUS: 20% goes to a charity that will be selected by my Creative Space Members!

Give them a creative Bubble Bath!

Creative Bubbles are a safe online space that nurtures people's innate creativity.  Great for anyone whether they are working on a specific project or exploring how creativity fits into their life. We get together in our ZOOM room, do a check-in, set goals/intentions, get grounded through breath work and then work idependently for about an hour before wrapping things up. A perfect antidote for loneliness, isolation, and "I just can't make enough time to work on my project" mindset. (Tuesday 8-9:30 CST.)

This one's for someone who needs more consistent support!

  • Membership to My Creative Space
  • Weekly Digests 
  • Unlimited Weeknight Creative Bubbles
  • Discounts on other programs

The whole Shebang

I know some of you like to do it up big-- this one is for you! This is full-on Creative Support including:

  • Membership to my Creative Space
  • Unlimited Weeknight Bubbles
  • Weekly Digest
  • Email program of the month
  • 1 45-minute coaching session
  • Discounts on other programs