The holiday sampler is here!!!

Could someone on your gift list use some Creative Life Support right now?  
Check out these holiday goodies-from simple stocking stuffers to full-spectrum support!

Oh!  And don't forget to put yourself on your gift list too:)

Let's start with email programs! These are great Virtual Stocking stuffers!

These email programs are designed to support you during the challenges associated with specific  times of the  year. A perfect gift for you and your friends!  You can check out a sample here. 

December=  Dec 1-15. 25 Days of Light in the form of self-care tips, resources, and uplift.  
New Years= Jan 1-21. 21 Days of Mantras to support your New Year's goals.  
Valentines= Feb 1-14. 14 Days of Love Notes.  

Email programs are a gift that keeps on giving:) Buy them separately or as a bundle!   PLUS: 20% goes to a charity that will be selected by my Creative Space Members!

25 Days of Light
  • 25 Days of Light


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25 days of goodness for you or a friend! If you are gifting this program, provide the recipient's name and email address in the notes section at checkout:)

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This bundle contains all three email programs: 25 Days of Light, 21 Days of New Year's Mantras, and 14-Days of Love Notes. If you are purchasing as a gift a friend, please include your friend's name and email address in the notes section at checkout.

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Gift them a Creative Bubble or two!

Creative Bubbles are a safe online space that nurtures people's innate creativity.  Great for anyone whether they are working on a specific project or exploring how creativity fits into their life. We get together in our ZOOM room, do a check-in, set goals/intentions, get grounded through breath work and then work idependently for about an hour before wrapping things up. A perfect antidote for loneliness, isolation, and "I just can't make enough time to work on my project" mindset. (Tuesday 8-9:30 CST.)

Creative Bubble GiftCard
  • Creative Bubble GiftCard


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Each gift card entitles the receiver to one Weeknight Creative Bubble between now and Feb 27, 2021.

IMPORTANT! In the notes section on the checkout page, please provide me with the name of the gift and name/email of the person that you are gifting. For example: CREATIVE SPACE 1 Month for Debbie Reynolds, 25 Days of Light Sara Silverman,

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Give them a creative Bubble Bath!

This one's for someone who needs more consistent support!

  • Membership to My Creative Space
  • Weekly Digests 
  • Unlimited Weeknight Creative Bubbles
  • Discounts on other programs

The whole Shebang

I know some of you like to do it up big-- this one is for you! This is full-on Creative Support including:

  • Membership to my Creative Space
  • Unlimited Weeknight Bubbles
  • Weekly Digest
  • Email program of the month
  • 1 45-minute coaching session
  • Discounts on other programs