Here are some books, websites, and other resources that I have used to create my life and career.  I know what it's like to do self-care with no disposable income so many of these are free and many of the books you can get at the library!

self-care & Spirituality

  • Yoga with Adrienne love her videos.  So many to choose from and always form a place of kindness.
  • If you want to go deep try Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy You 21 Day Total Wellness Program.  I did it and although I didn't get the major miracle changes had by others who had serious health issues or were not previously taking very good care of themselves, it was totally worth the investment.
  • Free downloads from Kris Carr including a quickie Pep Talk Meditation.
  •  Rob Bell's "The Robcast"-- his deal is that everything is spiritual.  His work has helped me to change my perspective on many limiting core beliefs.
  • A Simple Year: 12 Months of Guided Simplicity -- I really love this idea- it's twelve months of written articles, audio or video recordings, webinars, and connection through  a private FB group.  Each month it is hosted by a different guide who is an expert in their field.  Check it out and sign up before Dec 31 to participate in the 2019 session!

Art/Film Funding

  •  Patreon is a great forum that connects artists directly to their fans using a subscription service-- this means you get paid artists!  If you click through here to sign up it will be mutually beneficial to both of us!
  • Hatchfund is an awesome crowdfunding platform that supports established artists.  I used them for our production fund on STUCK.  They can act as an umbrella 501c3 for you so your donors can get tax-deductions.  They are very supportive too!
  •  For Texas filmmakers check out Austin Film Society's grant.  I haven't gotten one yet- but you could!
  • Women Filmmakers-- check out the Women in Film Finishing Fund

Business, BLogging, Social Media

I only recommend things that are meaningful to me.  However, I am an affiliate for some products and services and may be compensated if you purchase them.  The commissions  help support my work and the cost of running this website. 

Understanding alcohol and addiction

  • Alcoholics Anonymous- get more info here or assistance with finding a meeting near you.
  • Alanon-Alateen- for people who live with or are concerned by someone else's drinking