Sound familiar?  Sometimes this is a legitimate reason for not meeting your muse.  Other times it's a really effective excuse to keep pushing something that you want to do into the future.  The interesting part is that- either way- some part of you is not invested in doing what it takes to build a room of your own.  No worries!  I've done it for you! Now you have no excuses, real or imagined, to meet your muse regularly!

There's this myth about artists--to be productive and do their best work they need to go hide out in a cabin in the woods. How many times have you heard that?  How many times have you used that as a reason that you can't write that short story, cut that album, paint that canvas?  The truth is that most artists have a daily life that they juggle with their artistic life.  The other shocking truth is that artists (particularly those that like to isolate) are not usually prolific while working a vacuum.

It may seem counterintuitive but...

According to research published by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), if you have an appointment with another person, you’re 95% more likely to achieve your goal, than if you tackle the work on your own.

A room of your own combines the need to have a creative space for yourself and the need for a supportive community.

A ROOM OF YOUR OWN is a great place to connect with other creative humans but this is not a class and we don’t discuss each other's work.  The goal is to give you a space that you can use to show up for yourself and your art on a regular basis and be in community with others at the same time.  No interaction required!  Unless you're ready to meet some new friends and collaborators!

We meet every Sunday, Monday and Thursday from 1-3pm CST.  The door will open on the hour so you can break the time up however you like!  Can't wait to see you!

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