I am loved. And so are you.”

Watch the video to find out more about my personal story
and an overview of the 4-Part Self Care Series.

Are you exhausted?  Resentful?  Feeling unsupported?  


Do you know how to take care of everyone else
but have no idea
how to start taking care of yourself?  
Or even think that think that taking  care of yourself first is wrong?


Do you dread the holidays?  
Or, worse yet, look forward to them but afterwards feel drained and disappointed?


I did too-- and that's just the start of the list.  But I got better- and I know you can too.  
Shifting the focus to ourselves and investing in our own well-being before anything else is the first step.  From there everything else falls into place.  


You are worth it my lovelies!

It's about time!

My friends have told me for years that I have so much to share...and I finally believe them!  I have spent two decades finding the tools and insights that I needed to change my life for the better and I am still on that journey.  I am very excited to share the tools I have gathered on my journey to being a more whole and happy human.  I am also thrilled to finally be able to more fully use my empathic abilities and skills as a translator and communicator to help you better understand who you are, where you've been and where you want to be.

 We will be starting with a 4 Part Self Care series.  I have discovered that self care, self awareness, and connection to something greater than me  are the base of every spiritual, physical and emotional challenge that I have had.   There is a lot of flexibility in how you can participate. You can participate in each part separately or take on the series as a whole.  You can go solo anytime or join our group ventures.  Group Ventures run for 21 days with a week off between each part.   I know what it is like to want to make an investment in myself but I cannot make the finances work so I have set up three different ways to participate with manageable price points.  There is also a 25% discount on the entire  series to make it easier to invest in a full four months of self care!

The 4 Parts

Part 1: De/Reconstructing Your Holidays
(Group: October 1-21, 2017)

For most of us, holidays have become a time of stress rather than ease and joy.  Somehow we have veered off course from what we wanted to experience on these "holy"days and it's time to get back on track.  In this 21-day session we will be partaking on a journey to Holidays past, present and future.  We will explore core beliefs, boundaries, and expectations.  Taking apart what we think holidays should look like and accepting the reality of what they are.  Looking at what we really want rather than what we feel obligated to do.  And setting some actions in place to make the upcoming holidays more friendly to your soul.

Part 2: Pre-Holiday Fill-Er-Up
(Group October 30-November 17, 2017)

My experience has taught me that I have to fill up the tank before embarking on large projects-- and that includes the holidays.  So let's fill up those energy reserves and that big ole heart of yours so that you can show up for yourself and your loved ones in the best way you can!  In this 21-day session we will explore the difference between being self-caring and being selfish, better understand our own value and needs, and take actions towards caring for the most important person in your life-- you!

Part 3: Self-Care Advent Calendar
(Dec 3-24, 2017, Free with every Group Venture)

21-Days of Self-care tips, ideas, and inspirations straight to your mailbox.  When I was growing up, my mom gave me an advent calendar every year.  Each day I would go up to it in giddy anticipation of what little gift might be tucked into it that day.  I thought it would be great fun to adapt the idea to self care so each day from Dec HGHGHGH to Dec FJFJJF I will be sending out an email content a self-care morsel.

Part 4: Post-Holiday Refill and Restore
(Group January 7-27, 2018)

No matter how much I prep myself for the holidays-- no matter what great selfceare I have put in, boundaries I have set in place, etc I still get to the other side drained.  I find it ridiculous to expect myself, after month long onslaught of celebrations and family gatherings, to be able to set up resolutions and stick to them-- that sounds like a recipe for failure.  So let's take some time to be gentle with ourselves and restore our energies, refill the tank.

For Group/Group w/Coaching Ventures.   
I want you to be happy.  If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason you may request your money back  within 7 days of  the first day of each series.

3 Ways to PArticipate

Solo Venture

Work whenever you like on your own at your own pace.You will receive a pdf only of the 21-day journey-- consider it a workbook.


Group Venture

I have found I feel most supported and make the most progress in a group setting and with someone to guide me in the process.  Thus the Group Venture!  See dates below...

You will receive:

  • An email each day directly to your inbox for 21 days from me that will contain a HGHGHGH.
  • Access to Safe Closed FB Group where we can share our experience
  • 4 videos in which I will share my experience, strength and hope and encourage you on your path. 
  • Access to 4 audio recordings: 1 meditation, 1 breathing practice, 1 deep relaxation, and 1 affirmation.
  • A personal accountability tracker

Group w/Personal Connection

You will receive all of the above plus 3 1-hour sessions with me in person or on the phone.  You can use these sessions at your own discretion whether it be for gentle coaching, a sounding board, assistance with accountability, etc.

Not ready to commit but want to keep in touch?

My promise to you:
I will not share your information with anyone else
or overload your inbox.