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    Hi!  I am Jenni Tooley and I have a lot going on!   I tend to go where I am led, am highly adaptable and have a wide variety of transferable skills and talents.  This means I have experienced a whole lot so far in life-- I have owned and operated my own cottage bakery, am a trained birth doula, am a yoga teacher, am a professional actor, have worked in non-profit development, launched a web series  and just distributed my first feature film, STUCK.  My most recent endeavor is to offer Creative Life Support Services for Creative Humans! That all sounds amazing- and super woman-ish, right?

    What you may not know is that although I am a creative human, I am also a messy one.  I've been around lot of blocks and trudged through around and over some of the deepest blocks within myself.  I know what it's like to feel stuck- unable to move forward.  I know what it's like to be overwhelmed with self-doubt.  I know what it's like to feel like I or what I do is never enough.  I've spent years trying to "fix" myself.  I have a "chick with a stick" in my brain that loves to whack me around whenever I make a mistake, show my imperfections, or am willing to be vulnerable.  She thinks she's keeping me safe.  But I'm tired of being abused by myself. My "good enough" is actually more than good enough. I don't have to go outside of myself for validation. And being vulnerable is really hot!  

    I won't claim to have completely overcome all these things-- after all I am human.  But I've gotten through them and continue to build myself up rather than break myself down, most days:)   Along my journey I have collected so many tools, a whole lot of experience, and have always been (it turns out) filled with wisdom.  I am thrilled to be able to share all of this with you!  I specialize in holding space for people, deeply listening, and being able to guide people back to the truth of who they are.   The process isn't perfect.  And I will never claim to have " the only 5 steps you need to fix yourself for good" because in my experience that's a bunch of hoo-ha.  And it sets up a situation where if you didn't get fixed you think there must be something wrong with you(I know, I've had that experience).

    I'd love to have you join me on this journey!  Check out my site to find out more about how you can:)

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