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STUCK is now available to rent, buy or stream on Prime!

STUCK is now available to rent, buy or stream on Prime!

Live outside the US or UK?  Or don't want to watch on Amazon?  No problem!  

You can watch STUCK on Vimeo VODTUBI TV, and XUMO.

"This is where film festival shit gets real: A work-in-progress screening of a indie film scrapped together by hundreds of people literally donating money or time and talent to get the thing made. And you can trust that if all of that is being done to make a film, then that film has got a lot of reasons to “live.” I know Jenni Tooley. She’s been at my fests and on my red carpets and I would be there checking this thing out and supporting her if I could.  You should.", John Wildman, Festworks

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STUCK is complete!

A ballerina with a baby and a coke habit. A regret-filled sister caught between her head and her heart. A  country singer hiding out in her hometown. And at the center - one woman struggling to remember them all through the veil of her fading memories.  STUCK is a grass-roots funded independent art film conceived by Jenni Tooley in 2001.  After 15 years of being STUCK, Ms Tooley decided to raise money for the film herself and was able to raise $43K with the help of friends, colleagues and family from 2015-19 to produce the film.  Over $150K of in-kind donations allowed her to produce the film over the course of 4 months on location in Dallas.  After another 2 years in post and sa  additional $50K in pro-bono contributions, STUCK was completed and ready to go! 99% of the  cast and crew are from Dallas, TX and the producing team consists entirely of women.  

Please send inquiries to jennitooley@gmail.com