STUCK will be complete in DECember!

A ballerina with a baby and a coke habit. A regret-filled sister caught between her head and her heart. A  country singer hiding out in her hometown. And at the center - one woman struggling to remember them all through the veil of her fading memories.  STUCK is a grass-roots funded independent art film conceived by Jenni Tooley in 2001.  After 15 years of being STUCK, Ms Tooley decided to raise money for the film herself and was able to do raise $38K with the help of friends, colleagues and family in 2016 to produce the film.  Over $150K of in-kind donations allowed her to produce the film over the course of 4 months on location in Dallas.  99% of the  cast and crew are from Texas and the producing team consists entirely of women.  Currently in post-production, STUCK is  set to debut on the 2019 festival circuit.  


A full EPK can be found here: /files/285599/stuck-spring-2017-epk.docx

The Story behind the Story

STUCK is a fiercely independent female driven art film that explores what it's like to lose your mind-  whether it's through Alzheimer's disease, addiction, or trying to control someone else's disease.  

The script was written in 2001 while Jenni was  living in Weehawken, NJ.  It was her first attempt at a screenplay and she very quickly understood that due to the nature of the concept she would need to direct it.  Having had no experience in that area, she leaned heavily on her film acting experience and experience as a producer of performance art to "figure out how to make movies".  In 2005 a $500,00 business plan was conceived, marketing collateral created, and an entire storyline was shot on location in Las Vegas to use as a treatment to raise funding.  And then everything stalled out.  

10 years later, after a series of life changes and moves that brought Jenni back to Dallas, Jenni was approached by her father and the original STUCK production designer within a week of each other-- neither  knew the other--and both told her  "you need to finish that film".  Jenni took this as a sign and set out on a mission to Get STUCK unSTUCK.  

As she moved forward, it became clear to her that this would be  an amends to herself for not believing in her own skills and intuition the first time around and that this time she would trust herself to make the movie the way she felt it needed to be made.  One of the first steps was to take on her Higher Power as a co-producer which cleared out a lot of stress and anxiety and opened up doors and solutions not previously available.  The next was to follow her instinct that this was not an investor-style film.  That this film would be funded by its audience and community and that we would take a non-profit approach to fundraising.  Donations and stewardship of backers/team were key.

In 2015 $9900 was raised in one Kickstarter campaign that went toward creating a beautiful video to raise production costs as well as creating customized props that were needed for production.  In 2016, a Hatchfund campaign was launched to raise $100,000 to cover production costs, parties were thrown, outreach efforts were made.  After three months of hard work, it became clear that $100,000 in cash was not a reasonable expectation so our campaign and strategy shifted.  Jenni went to the cast and crew who were already committed, explained the situation, and asked if they would be willing to work for free. This was a difficult ask because it is important to her that artists be paid for their work  but she knew that the movie needed to move forward and this was how it would happen.   99% of the team were on board, the budget was adjusted, and  $25,000 cash was raised from 185 backers.

 We shot the film in 20 days between November 2016 and February 2017.  We shot entirely on location Dallas, TX with a 99% local cast and crew.  150 people volunteered their time, talent, and resources with in-kind contributions tallying up to $75,000.  Because of the amazing turn out of goodwill from the community we were able to walk away from production with $4,000 remaining in the bank.

STUCK is now in post-production with a completion date in August.  A third crowdfunding campaign in March 2018 raised $12,075 to put towards post-production costs.  The scoring,soundscaping, and coloring is in process and 5 Dallas and Austin based bands are providing the rights for us to use their songs.  




We did it!  Thank you to the 100 backers who helped us exceed our goal and raise $12,075 to cover post-production costs!