voice & Vote! Choosing STUCK's Prime Direct Graphic Assets

I'm working on getting STUCK up on Prime Direct. This means that anyone will be able to rent/buy STUCK on Amazon and Amazon Prime members can watch the film for free as part of their membership! It will be available in the US and the UK. This will be a great way to make the film available for all kinds of people and for them to share it with others. 

BUT before we do that-- we must choose the thumbnails that will be used to promote the film on Amazon. Want to help? Super! Here's how: 

Prime Direct requires us to submit one basic image in three formats (3:4, 4:3, and 16:9). Each format is used for a different device or product. 

Each of the following rows contains the three formats of the same image. As you can see, the impact of the image changes depending on the format-- that's why I wanted you to be able to look at all three formats together. 

Compare the images row by row and choose your top 3. Remember, the thumbnail is ultimately going to be what attracts the audience and get them to click through so we need a highly "clickable" image. 

Write your name and your three favorite row numbers in the form below the pics. We are early enough in the process that you can also make suggestions or comments that might help us make these images even better! 

Please respond by Saturday, Feb 16. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


PS: if they seem a little blurry, it isn't a choice-- it is the export. All of the photos are quite clear(except the little blur around the edge of #1, that's a choice)

Work in progress

This is the little creative project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in our newsletter.  It was born because I was bored and frustrated. I am in the process of basically selling STUCK which is not a lot of fun for me.  And I am working on the second feature film-- this time creating something that is "fully strategized" from the get-go.  That means I'm doing alot of research: market comparisons, budget forecasting, side income generation, blah blah blah...before I even sit down and write the script.  It's alot of work.  And I'm really tired of having to raise money and resources to make something.  So, I said to myself, "how about we make something with what we have just for fun?"

I thought the first stop would be picking up the Canon 7D DSLR I bought for the Smart Cookies shoot and learning how to shoot video with it.  But I very quickly realized how much technical stuff I have to learn to really get that going.  So I sat down in front of the computer and opened "Garage Band".  My mind very quickly said..."oh, no you can't use Garage Band.  It's not an industry standard.  Very amateurish.  You need to buy ProTools".  My response was:  "I ain't got no money.  We're not waiting.  We're using Garage Band.  And that's that." 

So off I went building out "something" on Garage Band.  I had no idea what it would be.  Well, here it is: Interlude #1.

Now.  What do I do with this?  I thought it was going to evolve into a music video. But as I was listening to the most recent incarnation it struck me.  "Maybe this is VR."  VR?  Yes-- at Dallas Video Festival I met a guy (who was actually married to a wonderful artist friend I had in HS.  Small world.). He's a pretty hot VR director right now. I never thought I would be into VR because to me it is a very isolating format.  But after I experienced a few pieces of work that they had going on at the fest I was sold.  This could be a very cool medium.  And this soundscape would be perfect for that.  And he told me he has gear sitting around wanting to be used....


It could be a part of a stage piece or some kind of weird performance art experience...


It could stand alone...


It could live as part of a video...

The options are endless.  Whatever it is it will definitely be a JTExperience.

So check it out and weigh in.  



STUCK Screening & Q&A oct 24-28

How to watch

Scroll down to the vimeo screen below and enter this password: (no longer available).  You can view anytime between now and Monday at 7pm CST.  I suggest using headphones or a good set of speakers-- the sound is an important part of the experience and won't be at its best on computer or phone speakers.


Map to the Q&A

I know you'll have questions or comments so I have set up a zoom conference from 7-7:30pm CST on Monday.  You can join me there by following this map:

Go to this web address:

or call in:
        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)  
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York) 

Meeting ID: 849 047 046 

That's it!



STUCK online screening and Q&A!  

Maybe you weren't able to see the film at WTxFF.  Maybe you have a friend you think needs to see it.  Or, like Bart Weiss suggested, maybe you need to watch it again.  Well here's an opportunity to see it-- on your own timetable and in your own home-- this weekend! 

I will open a screening window up on Friday at 7pm CST.  The same window will close at 7pm CST on the following Monday.  At that point we will do a Live Online Q&A-- this will act as our monthly coffee clatch too! 

So mark your calendars and tell your friends! 

This opportunity will be available to patrons who are at the tiers of $10 or more. 

I will send out all the links you will need to access both the screening and Q&A later this week. 




48 hours is up! The vid has been pulled! Thank you all!! 

Hi Everyone!  Finally!  A Final Cut complete with sound!!!! Bruce and I have been listening to the sound cut for the last two years so our ears are no longer reliable.  Help us out by watching this video and listening for anything that is off. 

I am posting it here for the next 48 hours-- I will pull the link Wednesday morning at 11am CST. 

 If you hear something weird (weirder than our movie that is) either comment here or email me.  Then Bruce and I will have almost a week to fix anything before we send it off to have the DCP made! 



Last Call to take the Test Screening Survey  

Did you see a test screening and want to have a voice and a vote as to the final product? Fill out this Survey Monkey survey: 


You are also welcome to leave comments here. 

For future opportunities to share your voice and vote, and to keep up with and support STUCK and more work like it become a Patreon Member!  Check out my home page for more info and all the goodies. 

If you are already a patron-- thank you!  If you are looking for the link so you can watch the movie online scroll down a couple of posts and you will find it in the "What you have been waiting for" post. 


Want to give some feedback on our STUCK opening?  

It has become clear that the abrupt opening to the movie was not working so I have been working on something new. 

We need to set up Mimi's mind space and a "we're not in Kansas anymore" feeling from the very beginning so I have created a new intro.  Check it out and let me know what you think. 

Note that all you will see in the video clip posted here is visuals only-- no sound.  Once we add sound I will share that with you too so you can see what a difference it makes!

(Link Removed)

The Screening Room will be open Oct 24-Oct 28!

I am hosting a screening of STUCK online!

4 full days to view!

Then on Monday, Oct 28 at 7pm CST we'll get together online to chat about the film!

Watch this page for more info!