Are you ready...

to feel safe being yourself?  

To be seen and heard?

To share your ideas?  


For too long, public speaking trainings have fostered a masculine model of what leadership and professionalism looks and feels like. This can have a detrimental effect on the self-esteem of women and girls who desire to speak up and lead. 

This sparks feelings of self doubt, a lack of valuing the wisdom within, and a resistance to speaking up. It erodes a woman’s sense of inner freedom to lead and share her mind publicly. 

We specifically provide an alternative for women to harness the power of their feminine energy, rather than hide or deny it, as they speak up to lead and effect change.

Our unique practices help women to re-wire their nervous systems so that speaking up becomes an experience of safety, power, joy and freedom.  

  • WomanSpeak Circles are led with true celebration and support.  
  • The women celebrate and support each other in speaking up and exercising leadership & power in their careers.  
  • WomanSpeak addresses the unique fears and doubts women have about sharing their voices.  

Women and their voices blossom in this kind of environment and culture. Are you ready to blossom?

Are you ready to change the way you show up in the world?  Whether it's in your personal relationships, at work, or on the stage WomanSpeak will help you solidify what you belief and to feel safe expressing it without fear.  I'm running some Intro Circles to give you a taste of what it's all about- and they are interactive.  I'm not just going to be talking at you.  Not only will you walk away from the Intro Circle with a better idea of what WomanSpeak is all about but you'll walk away with tools that you can start using now! I'll also be offering you an opportunity to join a regular 16-month Circle or host a 1-Day Intensive with all your gal-pals!

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