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    Program Begins April 6!
    Enrollment ends March 31- 20 people total

    Open the door to a thriving, abundant life 
    by completing your dream creative project
    in just 6 months!

    Time to Create 6-Month Mentorship with Jenni Tooley

    Spend six months with Jenni Tooley, an award-winning actor, filmmaker and creative whose been through it all as she guides you through the process of completing your dream project.  Whether you’re stuck at the beginning, middle, or end, Jenni will support you in overcoming any internal blocks that may be stifling your creative process and bring you back from the brink of burnout and overwhelm. Even if your project is literally a project that can’t be finished in a six-month period, you will walk away with a phase of the project completed feeling reenergized and inspired to move into next steps. Jenni’s intuitive approach, background in Recovery, group facilitation, and creativity coaching all combine into a practical program with a spiritual backbone that gets results with ease, playfulness, and acceptance. Schedule a consultation with Jenni now. Enrollment closes March 31 and the mentorship is available to a max of 20 people at a time.

    In the 34 years that I have been collaborating with and coaching creative humans- some of the most talented people I've ever met, including myself- I'm still learning about what causes creative burnout, creative blocks, and creative underearning. The good news is that along the way I have also picked up dozens of spiritual and practical tools that can help heal core beliefs that stand in our way. 

    How would your creative mojo flow if you felt:
    •    Confident
    •    Clear
    •    Supported and like you are not alone anymore
    •    Loved no matter what
    •    Like you have a plan but you don’t have to stick with it
    •    Competent in your skills and ability to manage?

    What if you believed that 
    •    You are good enough
    •    You have more than enough time
    •    Your work/creativity has value?

    I know my mojo has shifted immensely toward the positive and prolific.  So has my life. 

    The shift requires time, resilience, and practice- but the path is not difficult. All we have to do is learn how to and practice
    •    Pausing
    •    Having fun
    •    Dreaming (accessing theta/delta brain)
    •    Taking small easy steps
    •    Sharing and hearing stories and perspectives w/others
    •    Celebrating 
    •    Using gratitude as a touchstone for confidence and abundance
    •    Self-soothing
    •    Mindfulness

    What could be more fun than that?

    Let's talk about it!

    Who is this 6-month creative mentorship for?

    If you are here, it's for you! You and the universe got you here for a reason- so go with it baby!
    However, if you're not so sure whether or not this 6-month mentorship is right for you keep on reading. This mentorship is for 

    • “Non-artists” and artists alike. If you've got something you want to create, you are a creator!
    • Veteran artists who are blocked, stuck, or getting the nudge to move into a different modality.
    • Dreamers who have a project that seems out of their reach or just can't get themselves to do it.
    • People who have a closet, basement or boatload of unfinished projects.
    • Creators who are overwhelmed by process or feel isolated and stuck.