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Hi!  I am Jenni Tooley and I have a lot going on!  I tend to go where I am led, am highly adaptable and have a wide variety of transferable skills and talents.  This means I have experienced a whole lot so far in life-- I have owned and operated my own cottage bakery, am a trained birth doula, am a yoga teacher, am a professional actor, have worked in non-profit development, launched a web series and and just distributed my first feature film, STUCK.  My most recent endeavor is to offer Creative Life Support Services for Creative Humans!

With all of that in play, I am also learning how to "do nothing" and allow the universe to deliver me what I need on a daily basis so that I may serve in whatever way appropriate while taking good care of myself in the process.

You can learn more about my projects and services on these pages.  If you would like to join my journey in real time, have access to more podcasts, journals, discounts, online chats, and discounts join my Creative Space.

Need a little creative life support?

Having a hard time staying creatively motivated?  Need someone else to set a creative work schedule for you?  Want support others in their creative accountability too? Join me for a Creative Bubble.  Consider this your online Creative Space.  Show up.  Say hi.  Tell us what you're working on or what you need to be held accountable for (optional).  Then get to work.  We'll swing back around at the end to see how it went and say aloha! 

 I'll be holding weekly lunchtime Bubbles on FBLive as well as a 1.5 hour Weeknight Bubble every Tuesday Night.

Head over to the Creative Bubbles page for more info and tickets!