Jenni Tooley

Hi!  I am Jenni Tooley and I have a lot going on!  I tend to go where I am led, am highly adaptable and have a wide variety of transferable skills and talents.  This means I have experienced a whole lot so far in life-- I have owned and operated my own cottage bakery, am a trained birth doula, am a yoga teacher, am a professional actor, have worked in non-profit development, and recently launched a web series and am in process of completing my first feature film.  

With all of that in play, I am also learning how to "do nothing" and allow the universe to deliver me what I need on a daily basis so that I may serve in whatever way appropriate while taking good care of myself in the process.

You can learn more about my projects and services on these pages as well as learn more about, and support my, "Year in Trust" on my Patreon Page.

Smart Cookies with Jenni Tooley

Here it is-- my first interview series!  Check out our Premier video with Holly Peyton here and go to our Smart Cookies Youtube Channel to watch all 6 interviews, outtakes, and more!  

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