Jenni's Journal-- a shortie 


Archived from July 10, 2019

Today I was given a gift- well let’s face it, I am given gifts every day it’s just that this one was clearly lit for me.  A friend used the word “innovative” to describe what I am doing.  Innovative is something I aspire to but I didn’t know I was hitting the mark— or even near the target.  Which is funny because a year ago Quincy Preston, the editor of Dallas Innovates, found me on Patreon and contacted me for an interview.  Um…duh may be a good word to use here.  It’s amazing how I can overlook or under-interpret things that happen in my life to keep me in the small zone.  To keep thinking of myself in a way that doesn’t serve me well. I need to start giving myself some credit. 

So let’s celebrate— here’s the article!   And we are coming up on the one year anniversary of Smart Cookies with Jenni Tooley— which I am going to rerun on FB and on Patreon!  And STUCK is premiering in a few short weeks!  Yay! 

Thank you all for being such great supporters!  It means so much to me that you are along for the ride!  Your financial contribution is also measurable in the practical application of my life and is truly appreciated:)

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