It's begun!

Hello Everyone! 

I have started my own membership site! Why?  I’m a Maverick.  I keep forgetting that.  I do best when I work outside of the box.  And I’m learning that people dig that and are inpisred by it.  So no more hiding.  Let’s put it all out there. And let's ask others to join the tribe! 

The decision to start a new membership site on a new platform has been a long time coming.  Honestly, it's kind of scared the crap out of me.  Are my longtime Patreon patrons going to drop off?  Are new members going to join?  Am I going to be able to migrate enough of the posts and content over so new members feel like I have enough going on that they will stick around? 

Lots of doubts.  Lots of fears.  And this gnawing at my gut that I just need to keep going with it.  So I have!  And I will!   

I will even launch it before it's completely ready.  What??? No really.  I'm doing that because the perfectionist in me keeps telling me all the reasons why I can't take other actions-- and those other actions keep leading me back to "the website isn't done". 

So here it is!  If you're interested in supporting my work and working towards a happy, abundant, and creative life with me let's do it!

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