This week's mantra...and challenge is: state your fees. 

One of the challenges I have come up against is "asking for money" for my work and services. I recently read a fantastic post that helped me with this. A doctor wrote it- and it was about just this thing. She basically said "never ask for money. State your fees." 

Those if us who are closely tied to our work or "are our work" feel as if they have to ask for money. But we are just like a doctor or a lawyer who charges a fee for their service. 

You are valuable and worthy. Your work is valuable and worthy. You don't have to ask for money-- just set your fee and state it. 

This has also been important for me-- set an AWESOME fee-- and ask for it first. Yes, some projects are passion projects but if you don't ask for your AWESOME fee upfront then when will anyone ever get an opportunity to say yes? You might be surprised what happens when you ask. Even on projects I thought would say no-- somehow they came up with money they didn't have before to meet me somewhere reasonable. I think I'll share about one of those times on my podcast this week:)

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