The unquantifiable path to Creative Motivation

Yesterday an ole band geek buddy reached out to me and asked me how I help people stay motivated and creative. I didn't respond immediately because my answer was too convoluted for a DM. This is not the first time a question like this has been posed- every business marketing course asks questions similar to these, as does my social media and marketing coach. I haven't been able to quantify my approach or method. I think that is because it is largely unquantifiable. 

One of the reasons that I choose to write A'Musing Mondays rather than Tip Tuesdays is because A'Musing is at the core of my approach. Let me give you an example. 

This morning I decided I would follow my intuition and take a walk. It's what I was guided to do- not what I should do or had to do. I wandered around town- it was a humid still morning and I was covered in a sweat sheen pretty quickly, but it was gorgeous outside. I had no destination- was just going where the windy roads led me. 

I live in the middle of a hill so no matter what I have to climb a hill when I go walking. Today, rather than turn around and walk back to my hill I chose a different hill. This was a VERY LONG hill that ended in a VERY STEEP final bout. I was up for it. 

I took two breaks on my way up- the first was on a well-placed bench on the broken-down sidewalk. As I sat there, I admired the gorgeously scaped yard across from me- full of foliage and little water falls and, yes, a small gnome village:) 

I thought I was going to fall over by the time I got to the top, but I did it! From there it was a windy flat road and then a little downhill jaunt to my house. As my breath began to even out a lovely cool breeze began to blow. Then as I rounded a corner, I noticed one of my neighbors out on his porch playing the acoustic guitar. The lovely music guided me back home. It was like the universe knew what I needed and provided because I was willing to receive it. 

As I was approaching my street, this email began to bloom in my mind. The answer to the question that I was stymied on unfolded. And here we are. What I could have sat down and grinded on for hours flowed out of me in under fifteen minutes. 

So, part of the answer to the question "what do you do to help people stay motivated and creative is- I give people permission to be imperfect and create space for their creativity. There's no 5-step process for that. It's very intuitive- especially if I am working 1:1 with someone. Alot of what I teach is about what we don't have to do rather than what we have to do. I also believe in the power of celebration and brain science. 

In Creative Space I offer online spaces where people can show up and explore what they need to explore within a safe, flexible structure. And share tools that work for me too. And soon, I am going to offer a course that will help starving artists turn into thriving artrepreneurs by building, growing, and nurturing their fan sites so that they can have more space to follow their passions! 

See you next time! Oh! Don't worry, next time there will be pictures of gnome villages! 

PS: Now is a great time to join Creative Space- this month our theme will be Kicking Perfection in the Tush! And, if you are interested in being added to the waitlist for "Make your FanSite a Masterpiece" click through:) 

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