Nose to Nose with a Hummingbird!

I was just nose-to-nose with a hummingbird! (Does a hummingbird have a nose?) 

I was standing on the porch enjoying the sensations of an upcoming storm. All of a sudden, I heard a buzz next to my ear (no it was not my tinnitus). My reaction was to cringe because it sounded like a very big bee. I turned my head towards the sound and found myself eye-to-eye with a Hummingbird. We both held steady and o observed each other. She flew around my torso a couple of times- my shirt was the same color red as the flowers that they love so much. How disappointing it must have been to realize that I was not in fact the largest food source she had ever seen. As she flew away, I was giddy. How many people get to look a hummingbird in the eye? 

This experience also made me think of Shiny Object Syndrome. For that Hummingbird, I was one big shiny object- an amazing opportunity that had no juice. A distraction from the nourishing goodness that comes from the non-shiny objects. I get distracted by shiny objects all the time. Thank goodness I am learning to spot them more quickly so I don’t have to go down the SOS rabbit hole so often. 

Last week it was Hummingbird Cake. This week it was an actual real-life Hummingbird. What’s it all mean? 

I decided to look up the symbolism behind a Hummingbird since the Universe is obviously trying to communicate with me. Here’s what I found: 

• Endurance – Hummingbirds display persistence in different aspects of their lives. As small as they are, hummingbirds can migrate long distances, can survive food scarcity by going into a form of hibernation know as a torpor, and they have a tendency to hold on to planes even during turbulence. 

• Continuation and Eternity – While in flight, the wings of hummingbirds move in a figure-eight motion, the universally known and ancient symbol of infinity. For this reason, they are seen as a sign of continuity and eternity. 

• Joy – Love and joy can be felt from the sound and sight of the hummingbirds as they feed and interact. Where there are hummingbirds, there is bound to be a dance of beautiful colors and a harmony of beautiful melody, a combination that depicts joy. 

• Flirtation – From the way it flies to the way it hovers, displaying its vibrant colors and singing its sweet melodies, the hummingbird is seen as a very flirtatious bird. 

• Good Luck – This symbolic meaning derives from the Chinese culture that used the hummingbird as the Feng Shui symbol of good luck. This good luck symbolism can also be linked to the joy symbolism because, in the aspect of universal energy, joyous positive energy attracts good vibrations. 

• Health and Vitality – The hummingbird pollinates flowers as it feeds on nectar. The process of pollination fertilizes the plants thus ensuring continuity. 

• Divine Messages – This symbolic meaning derives from ancient Celtic and Native American mythologies, which both believe that hummingbirds delivered messages and guidance from divine entities. 

Yes! I love all of these! I’ve been asking for some divine support to help me get through the launch of the Starving Artist to Thriving Artrepreneur series- and it delivered! 

More next week... 

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