A'Musing Mondays: Bruce the Cleft-Lipped Cat gets a bath


Happy A'Musing Monday to you!  Bruce is not amused.  Bruce is never amused...except when he is playing.  SMART CAT!

I've been following Bruce's journey at Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue from when he was just a little tiny puff ball to an adolescent youth.  He always cracks me up!  I have noticed a pattern with Bruce though- if he isn't playing, is stuck in a cage, or not getting his way...he is a grumpy mumpy.  I think that this is true of all of us to some extent.  I know that it is for me.  Any time I get consistently irritable and grumpy I know that I need to look at what I am depriving myself of or where I am giving (or allowing) too much.  Sometimes I need a trusted friend or coach to help me get enough distance to see whatever it is that is buggering things up.  Then I need to ask for help and pray for some strength and courage if I'm not able to adjust on my own.  I'm much happier now.  My enthusiasm- although startling to some- spreads to others.  And to me, that's how we change the world:)

How have you changed the world today?
Love ya! 

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