A'Musing Mondays: Isolation is a creativity killer

It's an A'Musing Monday!

Is the phrase "I need to go to cabin in the mountains to write" or something like it familiar to you? Me too. The fact is that this is a beautiful excuse not to create. A wonderful form of self-sabotage. So is isolating.

You don't have to create alone. Spending time on your own because you need it is one thing, but isolating is another. Isolation forms creative blocks and kills creativity.

Are you struggling with isolation? I get it. Come visit us in Creative Bubbles. These are safe spaces where you are with others, but still in your own space. We support and encourage each other in whatever it is that we are undertaking. There's no criticism, no advice-giving, and no feedback sessions. Just support and celebration!

See ya next time!

PS: In this musing I talk about Ela Their.  You can join her Independent Film School for Free-- her Tip Tuesday's rock!


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