A'Musing Mondays: Moods and Music

Hi Sunshine!

It's Monday again!  Hope yours is going well.  If it's not, I have the antidote.

During our Creative Bubbles there is about an hour long period where we all turn off our zoom video and go off on our own creative adventures.  Five minutes before it’s time to gather back together, I play a music video to give everyone the head's up. Usually one that I’ve found off the cuff and probably have never watched before. Sometimes it can be a great laugh for all.  Others it can a bit dangerous;). )Especially when I chose Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax”.) 

One night I stumbled upon the most delightful video of Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga singing "If Ever" together out under the Hawaiian skies-- him with his guitar, her with her uke, and both with their easeful chill voices.  I love how music so effectively changes my energy and mood if I take the time to listen:)

Check it out!  It's bound to lower your blood pressure:)
Until next time!




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