A Quick Look into the Creative Process

When I was a kid, I loved getting mail. I remember sending off for autographed celebrity photos and such from magazines and exchanging letters with foreign pen-pals, and all kinds of other exciting things. Then adulthood hit- and the bills and junk mail arrived in my mailbox. Then email came along and nearly replaced posted mail. And, of course, it didn't take long for the junk mail to find my email box. Jam-packed with junk, junk, junk. Even though I have unsubscribed from almost every list I end up on, there's still a lot of junk. I thought wouldn't it be nice to go back in time and look forward to opening your mail each day? How could I make this happen for people? I can't afford to do it through the post, but I could do it through email. And then I thought about the Christmas Advent Calendar my did for me every year when I was growing up and how I looked forward each morning to see what little goodie was wrapped in tissue paper. And I thought— hey, let's do that! But through email! I could combine the email idea with the 25-day advent calendar concept and create an email program. Then I thought- what would I send? What do people need that I can offer? Things that have helped me like self care tips, affirmations, love notes, inspiration and support. Hmmmm… now what to call it that would be accessible to everyone and make sense? Until recently, I didn't know that advent traditionally counted down to the darkest day of the year- the solstice. And that Christmas-loosely speaking-is about the birth of light in the darkness. Aha! How about calling the email program "25 days of light?!?" 

And there it was— the birth of a new Creative Life Support Service! And you don't have to be a "Creative" to reap the benefits! It's really amazing where creativity will take you when you go with the flow and don't try to tell it what to do.

You can check out the program, see a sample letter, and sign up here!

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