A STUCK Song is Born: the final installmen 

A STUCK Song is Born: the final installment 

How many years ago did I start this series?  One? Two?  Two!  It's been two years!  Just in case you weren't here two years ago, I started writing a series that would follow the making of our original STUCK song, "Shade of Blue".  Here are the links to the first 4 installments in case you need a little catch up: 





So the final installment.  Let's see. The last post was a year ago.  What has happened in the last year?  I laid down the vocal tracks really quick one day.  Stephen locked them in and added some great guitar solos.  Bruce Richardson contributed his expert opinion so we could get it closer to the genre and time period we were going for by changing the beat and adding some twangy guitars 

In September of last year we transferred all of the music tracks over to Bruce so that he could "sexy things up".  In March, I went in to Bruce's studio and laid down another set of vocals before I moved to Austin.  We changed up a little bit of the wording on the final chorus so that it would have a stronger emotional impact.  And I left it in his capable hands. 

Then we got sidetracked with finishing the score and soundscape for the movie so that we could have it finished for the Premier at WTxFF. We got the song just where it needed to be to live in the background of the diner scenes and over the credits. Then after the Premier Bruce tidied it up so that it could stand on its own as a song.  And voila!  A STUCK song is born! 

Oh!  And something very cool came out of this:  I am now registered as a singer/songwriter on BMI!  It's like a dream come true that I didn't even know I had! 

Thank you all for your support!  As you can tell the creative process isn't always a quick one so your continued support makes a big impact and is much appreciated.

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