Although it is different, I choose to embrace it.

My lovely friend Tony Ramirez (you may know him as the Diner Manager in STUCK), posted photos from a play I did 21 years ago called "Polaroid Stories". It was the first professional play (and perhaps the last) that I produced in a brick and mortar theater. It was part of a short lived late night series at the Undermain Theater. It was such a fun show. My most clear memory, however, is falling off of a riser during tech- that's what happens when you are running around in platform tennis shoes and the lights go out- and sitting in the emergency room with the Artistic Director (Raphael Parry) until about midnight. Yep! Ankle sprained. Big old boot required. So I did the show in one of those crazy boots- it worked though because my character was a street kid hooked on crack. Now that I think about it I've done 3 plays over my career in one of those boots...hmmm.

It was lovely to remember that play, but it did bring up a lot of my past hoo-hah.  Funny how that happens.  And a yearning to produce some more crazy a** sh**.  But where I am at today is a great place. And although it is different, I choose to embrace it.  That is where the power lies.

Love you all!


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