Ep 7: Have I told you about the time I was on the filmmaker's roundtable at WTxFF and John Wildman asked me how it was making the transition into being the salesperson for my film?  

Salesperson?  Yes!  That's me!  Let me hustle up a little something here.... 

To some extent every filmmaker is a salesperson for their film at some point.  Coming from a background where salespeople were considered the root of all evil taking on this role has been particularly challenging and life affirming. 

In this episode I talk about what happens after the movie is "done", where I am at with restrategizing the plan for STUCK, and how I am re-training my brain so that I don't set my success metrics so I high that I am a constant failure no matter what I do. 

Unedited. Uncensored.  Just Jenni. 

There ain't no map folks!

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