Holiday Mantra: Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

Sung to the tune of the ever-present Christmas carol: “Let It Snow”. 

I've been sorting through a lot of stuff this holiday season. Some of it is present-day stuff, some past stuff, some present-day stuff brought on by past stuff. Some if financial stuff. Some is about humility. Some is about change. Without going into too many details let's just say there's alot of stuff coming up and hanging around. I'm sure it's that way for alot of people during the holiday season but I think I notice it more because I have chosen not to mask it with all of the holiday busy-ness. 

Resentments. Let them go. 

Expectations. Let them go. 

Sadness. Let it go. 

Grief. Let it go. 

Controlling Everything. Let it go. 

Busy-ness. Let it go. 

Urgency. Let it go. 

PTSD. Let it go. 

Fear. Let it go. 

Resisting ___________. Let it go. 

Huh. Well then, where does that leave me? If my identity isn't caught up in all those things then who am I and how do I judge where I am in life? Now I have choices. I get to choose what I want to put my energy towards and how I want to spend my time. That can be pretty scary though-- that's why I've been holding onto all that other crap! 

So I think I'll look to the light...follow the love... and make some solid choices that build me up instead of tear me apart. That its bound to help everyone else too:)

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