In this 5 minutes you are safe...

I know that there is a lot of fear out there right now and it's easy to get caught up in it. I've been doing my best to sort through what is real and here in my present moment and what is F.uture E.vents. Appearing. R.eal-- or even someone else's events seeming like they are happening in my time/space reality. 

Last night I picked up my phone and recorded a guided deep relaxation. The relaxation is based on an experience I had years ago when I was nearly paralyzed with anxiety. I knew enough then to know that I needed to do life one day at a time but I couldn't even consider being serene for a whole day. So I started with a minute. I turned on the timer and sat it out. One minute. Then I did it again. Another minute. Before I knew it I had felt safe for 15 whole minutes (in one minute increments:)! I just kept going until I had enough proof to believe that I was okay. I haven't felt that much anxiety in that whopping of a dose since then. 

So I decided that I would apply that idea and record a deep relaxation based on feeling safe that was only 5 minutes long. We can feel safe for five minutes at a time right? Maybe not alone- but together we can:) 

So here it is friends! I hope it helps relieve whatever real or perceived threats that are attacking your nervous system right now. 

My little cat Toast is also featured on the recording-- she was hanging out on my chest. Sunny was sound asleep on my feet. 

Love ya lots! 


PS: There is a lead-in, the guided relaxation starts at 2:24. You can also find this on my website for future reference

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