It's already right there in front of you

Okay.  Ive been working on a top secret project.  I just haven’t made it public.  That’s because it’s something off the cuff.  Something small.  And something spontaneous. 

After spending 4 years on STUCK which required alot of people, money and other resources and folding in a smaller year-long project (Smart Cookies with Jenni Tooley) that required alot of money, people and resources I was feeling drained.  I’ve also been struggling financially so have been really focused on generating income.  I was getting bored.  And felt alot of lack. 

I needed a boost.  Something I could complete easily.  Something fun.  So I decided to remind myself that I can make stuff any time with what I have. 

So I looked around and said “what do I have?” 


Canon 7D Camera (no external mic) 

A pre-amp and mic 

FCX (video editing software) 

Garage Band (music creation/editing software) 

My body 

My brain 

Half of these things I don’t necessarily know how to use but, hey, that’s never stopped me!  Let’s get started! 

Want to follow along on the process or need some help with your own?  Join me at  Happy, abundant and creative lives are within our reach!

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