Just do it!

Let's talk process. The last couple of weeks I have used the work/play time during our Weeknight Creative Bubble to focus on writing a new script.  It's been an interesting process as I am used to sitting down and writing large chunks at a time- like 30 pages. But in our Tuesday night bubble we only have one hour and ten minutes of work/play time so I have had to get used to writing in short chunks- like a few paragraphs or a couple of pages at a time.  It's a different process for me- but I am grateful. I don't think I would be working on the script at all if I weren't in the Bubble. The Bubble has also proven to me that I don't have to have a lot of time to write- which is why I wrote 5 pages this week instead of blowing it off.

So just do it folks! You'll feel a whole lot better- I promise!

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