Mantra for the week...

Archived post from July 31, 2019

When it gets busy I need to... 

Mantra for the week: Love Yourself First. 

What??? That's blasphemy! I'm supposed to take care of everyone else first and then when there's time (which there never is;) take care of me. Well, it turns out that that approach didn't work at all! When I took care of everyone else first I was always drained and grumpy and I ended up with resentments against those I cared for. 

It's been a serious practice to get into the habit of loving me first and to retrain my brain but it's gotten easier to take care of me and love me first. That way I have a lot more to give to everyone else! I feel a whole lot better! And I'm alot less likely to go to all the wrong places, people and things looking to fill that hole I had in me!

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