Measuring success: it's all in in my head

Success. That’s a loaded word isn’t it? I often feel like a big ole failure because I have not met my own very high expectations or the expectations that society has about what it looks like to be successful.  Sad isn’t it? Seeing myself as a failure creates all kinds of problems in my life, not to mention it's not very nice.  So I’ve been consistently reworking this word and what it means. I also have to rework a whole set of core beliefs that are etched out in my neural pathways or just “rethinking” it’s meaning will have no real affect on my life and how I live it. 

Something about this definition of success hit the mark: “Maybe success isn’t about achieving the end goal.  Maybe it is about how I show up.”  Well, if that’s the measure of success, I am uber-succesful.  And, I think that since I have been practicing awareness in how I choose to show up for so long then this definition of success has a much better chance of taking hold in my brain.  Yay! 

How do you measure success? Is it working for you? Would love to hear from you:)

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