Ramping up for the STUCK Premier at WTxFF 

From Patreon Post on Aug 13, 2019:

I head out tomorrow! 

Kitty caregiver- check!  (Thank you Auntie M!!!) 

Posters- check! EPK- check!  DCP- check! Press lists- check! 

New outfits that actually fit my new Austin body- check! Haircut- check! Eyebrows- check! 

Invitations sent- check! After-party arranged- check! Tech check requested- check! 

Brain in my head...hmmmm.  Yes.  I believe it's there:) 

Thank you all so much for your support!  As we make our way toward the screening, I have had to deal with some overwhelm.  Not only are we premiering but I want to be able to use this event and the events surrounding it to gather more followers and patrons so I have been working on putting together something new as well as keeping up with the STUCK basics. 

To deal with this overwhelm I clarified and simplified my purpose/goals. 

Primary purpose: Celebrate! 

Secondary purpose: Finish out my obligations to backers/team. 

Let god and WTxFF take care of: broadening our audience.  I just need to show up. 

The by-product: an increase in patronage. 

The increase in patronage was stressing me out--I'm still rebuilding my financial life so this goal was front and center.  For my sanity I had to adjust it to being a by-product and trust that if I keep doing what I am doing what I need will show up.  We'll see where I am at on that after the fest;) 

 I have attached the program for WTxFF for those of you who can't attend or are living vicariously:) 

I will not be attending everything- the compulsion is there.  But self care for this introvert requires downtime in my room or in the pool.  So here is what I plan to do. 

Wed: arrive in Dallas 

Thursday: admin/social media/finish the blogs due for my other job/Red Carpet/Maybe the opening night movie/a little time at the opening night party. 

Friday: admin/any pop-up interviews/rest because I won't have my two days off this week/greet Jenny Maguire! 

Saturday: Sit on the Fundraising panel/press junket/Red Carpet 

Sunday: Awards Brunch/Maybe Roundtable/Screening/After Party/Maybe the Closing night party. 

Monday: Go home/ kiss kitties/get ready for the work week:) 

And somewhere in there is a trip to the Spiral Diner to eat vegan chicken fried steak sandwiches and chocolate shakes! 

More to come....

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