Rockin' it with Creative Bubbles!

I’m so happy to be doing Sunday Funday Creative Bubbles twice a month now.  It’s amazing how just a little bit of me-time can get me so pumped up! 

Right now, carving out time for myself and focusing on things “that have no purpose” is very challenging.  The truth is that “things that have no purpose” have a significant one- they reenergize and recharge me.  They keep me from burning out.  And I’m beginning to get a glimmer that they may actually be a good portion of what life is really about.  Embracing “things that have no purpose” bring joy and meaning to my life.  It’s a bit of a contradiction to my old way of thinking.  But I’m glad that I got there. 

I’m excited about the Sunday Funday Bubble that’s happening from 3-5pm CST tomorrow— and super excited about the Bubble Bath from 11-7pm CST on August 22! You can soak it up all day long or join us on the odd hours (11, 1, 3, and 5) These are small groups— you will not be floating in a sea of faces. I want to keep the connection and support and creativity and fun flowing!  Bring a friend for free all month long- even to the Bubble Bath! 

Okay, back to work.  See you in the Bubble:) 
Lots of love!


PS: In honor of our month-long 1-year Anniversay Celebration, anyone who signs up for the Bubble Bath will be welcome to join us in Creative Bubbles for the month of September at no charge and eligible to lock in the current monthly subscription rate of $50 FOREVER if they choose to join us in the Creative Space

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