The Grant Writing Process/Part 2: Additional Supporting Materials 


Hi Everyone! 

As promised, here's another inside look into my submission for the AFS Development Grant.  I'm going a little out of order because I am not quite ready to announce the project yet so this time we're looking at Additional Supporting Materials. 

According to this particular grant, a pdf of 5 pages or less of Additional Materials is optional.  Optional always means "do it" to me-- unless I don't have the materials in hand or they won't be additive. 

For instance, on this grant application a treatment was optional.   I don't have a treatment for the proposed project and I felt overwhelmed by the idea of writing up a traditional one because I didn't have the headspace (this application was due the first week of June-- COVID and riots were happening;).  I preferred to keep the grantors excited about the project via the project description (which I will share soon) rather than possibly blow it with a poorly constructed treatment. 

Back to the Additional Support Materials. 


In digital format articles, images, or other relevant materials that 
show your project in a favorable light. 

Now, my project is in total seed stage so there wasn't anything to include here about it-- but I could use the recent success of STUCK as a launch pad. That would tie in well with the part of the Artist's Statement the is about why this is the right time for the next project and it would also support me as a filmmaker with a body of work, which is crucial to the grantor. 

It was interesting to put the supporting materials together-- I forget what I have accomplished and sometimes need a reminder:) I have included all 5 pages.  The links won't work because these are jpgs- if you are interested in being able to click through to some of the podcasts etc I am glad to supply those for you-- just ask! 

Stay tuned for more....

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