This Week's Mantra: Follow the Light!

This week's mantra is Follow the Light. 

For some reason I learned that I had to follow my mind or follow practicality. But I'll be honest with you, right now that just ain't workin' folks! So this week I am going to follow whatever feels light or has light around it when it pops into my mind. Everything else can wait. I'm telling myself it's only for a week so my Planner doesn't start a committee with my Worrier. They will then invite the Manager and the Taskmaster. And before you know it Analsis Paralysis will be in full swing. 

I had a great drive and hike today-- and it really lightened my mood and cleared my head. I was even a bit bubbly:). And I didn't blink an eyelash when the stove and oven died while I was cooking dinner;) 

Try it-- you may like it! 

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