This week's mantra: I am more than my content. 

Wow. Yesterday I wrote a FB post asking for suggestions for mantras. It went something like this: 

Any suggestions for this week's mantra? My mind is a blank. That could be good-- or it could be bad-- depending on how you read it:) 

I received alot of great responses-- too many, in fact to list here right now. But the one that stuck out for me was from Jeremy L: 

Tabula Rasa. Blank is good. You’re more than your content. Just be you, accept the blank. Your mind being blank doesn’t have to mean it’s a call for you to “perform” and fill that space. It’s a call to “be.” It’s so much easier to lift an empty box... Jenni Tooley 

How did he know I had been struggling with this very thing? Well, I suppose I'm not very obtuse in my posts:) but still it hit upon a truth. I've been constructing my own membership site over the last month. Slowly shifting my patrons and subscribers to my own website. The thing that has been bothering me is: I don't have enough content. I am not enough. What I do is not enough. Why would anyone pay me a monthly subscription to be part of my deal? 

These blocks and fears have been popping up and I keep walking around them, climbing over them, pushing through them and asking g.o.d. to remove them. But it's been stupid hard when they get right in my face. 

I also realized that I had been playing small. And I had been holding back. And I wasn't really owning what I was doing. So one night before I went to sleep I had an inspiration. It was a scary one. It was call it the "Jenni Tooley Experience". SERIOUSLY??? But I knew that this was the right thing to do. And I made a banner and posted it all over the site and started emailing people and thinking "this is the most ridiculous thing ever". But it's out there! 

And yes, I am more than my content. And so are you my lovelies!

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