This week's mantra: Keep an open mind

Sometimes life doesn’t look like I want it to. My reality doesn’t match up with my desire. Then I run into the question of how hard do I push for change and when is it best to stop pushing and rest in acceptance. Other times I’m restless and dissatisfied because I know that life isn’t how I want it to be, but I can’t hold onto a clear vision of the life I want. It’s pretty hard for the universe to help me out when it doesn’t know what it needs to do for me. And it’s pretty hard to take action steps towards goals when I can’t keep the goal solidly in place. All of that can be pretty frustrating. And it’s easy to judge myself harshly and feel like nothing is ever going to change. The solution? Keep an open mind. 

Keeping an open mind allows me to ease up on myself, see opportunities that I might not see if I’m shutting myself down with judgement, and gives the universe room to work. So this week, I am going to back off and keep an open mind! 

PS: For those of you who are keeping track and rooting for me, I did not get the role I auditioned for last week but I did have fun at the audition and discovered a very cool co-working space in Austin that has a studio as part of its membership offerings. I am also going to be reaching out soon about some revamps to JTExperience(patreon) and what’s coming soon:) 

Hope you are settling nicely into the new year. 

Love ya bunches! 


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