This week's mantra: Leave the cake in the oven til it's done!!!

Last week I traded a massage/energy session for two Apple Bundt Cakes w/Brown Sugar Icing.  My massage therapist and I were talking about life being messy-- I'm not a fan.  She suggested that I hang out in the nebula-- just stay all loose in the nebula and eventually everything will coalesce.  I asked her for a little more on that... she redirected to baking.  I could get hold of that because I had just baked her two cakes.  There is a mess of ingredients, you blend them together, then you put them in the oven to bake.  Oh yeah!  Right!  Messy turns into yummy!  Then I remembered that I had to keep checking these particular cakes because they take forever to bake- and you don't want to dry them out- but you absolutely cannot take them out early or they will be gooey inside.  Leave the cake in the oven until it's done Jenni! 

Well, that's what's going on in my life right now.  Lot's of transitions on my inside and my outside seemingly taking forever to catch up.  Doesn't the universe know I am in a hurry???  That I have things to do???  That I have bills to pay??? 

Over the last year I have been doing alot of experiments.  I started the podcast.  I am transitioning my patrons from Patreon to my own website (JTEXperience).  I've finished a feature film and am navigating the distribution process.  I've put alot of effort into starting my own creative out-of-the-box business.  And I am working on my next creative project.  Last week I realized I need to simplify (did I mention that I also work two part time jobs?).  And I really wanted to give up on all that "marketing stuff".  But then I remembered that you never know who is listening or who is watching and you never know when they are going to show up with funding for the next project or wanting to schedule a coaching session, or ...well maybe even something you didn't even have in mind.   Leave the cake in the oven Jenni!!! 

But I do need to narrow things down a bit and revise for next year.  I consider you a stakeholder in my out-of-the-box creative business And I could use your help. If you could take a 3-5 minutes to fill a survey about how you interact with my work and what you'd like to see I would appreciate it!

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