This week's mantra: Love yourself first 

Love yourself first.  Yep.  We're back to this one.  Life is crazy for almost everyone I talk to right now.  The holidays for so many are like life on steroids.  It's also the start of flu season.  Ick!  I got hit with a little bit of it last week and even though I had a lot of commitments and was in the process of lining up two new jobs I knew that I had to do some extreme self care.  Now that I am feeling better-- and the new jobs are starting and the transition is happening (eek! transitions!) I know I better keep up the extreme self care even though I want to put it on the back burner.  But putting everything and everyone else in front of my physical and mental health is not the answer-- I have to take care of myself first.  If I don't, I can't show up full force to everything else.  And eventually not only will I get sick... I will get SICK, like chronic sick.  So, this myself first. 

But that doesn't mean I'm not sending out alot of love to you all too:) 

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