This week's mantra: NAP 

This week's mantra:  non-action plan..aka NAP! 

This is one of the hardest things for me to do-- not work, not strategize, not come up with more plans... just relax and let the universe take care of everything. 

After such alot of busy-ness getting STUCK finished and premiered and trying to get this whole earned income/money stuff stabilized.. okay, my whole life stabilized... I think it may be time to take a little break. 

I've dropped off how much energy I am putting into certain areas of life and for the next week there will be no STUCK stuff.  None!  My brain really wants to try to protect me and keep me out of fear by keeping me busy and working hard. 

No brain!   It's time for a NAP-- a non-action plan.  Just get out of the way and let life happen.  Who knows what may show up?

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