This week's mantra: One Day at a Time

I used to watch this show growing up— who knew that the slogan would actually be one that I had to learn to use as an adult.  (And, btw, the new version of One Day at a Time that was on TV was a travesty in my opinion;).  So what does this mantra mean to me?  Well, it means I don’t have to do tomorrow today.  I don’t have to do next month today.  The only thing that I am concerned with today is what needs to be done today.  And what needs to be done today is usually not very much.  And if it is more that what I can do in one day I better shooters that list!  IT also means that I don’t have to worry.  Bill due next week that I don’t have the money for?  No problem.  That’s next week.  What’s happening today?  Well, today all the bills are paid, the food is in the fridge, the car is running well and the sun is shining.  Aha!  Sounds like a good day to take a walk, call a friend, fulfill today’s responsibilities, and get a good nights’s sleep. 

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the holidays, and the family stuff, and the money stuff, and the job stuff, and the stuff stuff I would invite you to take it One Day at a Time and be very clear on what today has in store.

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