Tooley's Travels: Travel Day Optional...Yes Please! 

After 6 months of knowing the film was premiering in Dallas...I am finally in Dallas!  We were given an optional travel day on each end of the fest.  I said "yes yes yes!"  I really hate being slammed for time and running from transportation into a dress and make-up and onto a red carpet or set (unless someone else is driving, dressing and making me up:). 

I do admit, I almost waited until tomorrow to come though.  It was really hard leaving these two little kittens.  They have, in many ways saved my life over the last couple of months, and I have always suffered from separation anxiety when I leave places.  As you can see Sunny was like "Wha?? Your wha???" and Toast was like "um, yoga please".  Auntie M is coming over every day to play, feed and watch little British Mystery TV with them so I am sure that they will be just fine.  It's just me that's got the weepies. 

















My trip to Dallas was super easy-- for those of you who know, I35 can be tricky and unpredictable,  But everyone was totally chill on the road and there was no major slowdown. I stopped for gad in Hillsboro and had some trouble at the pump.  We got it resolved and as I was standing there I realized that I was standing right next to the motel where Bottle Rocket was shot.  I won't in any of the scenes they shot there but I thought it was kind of interesting:) 

 I got to the Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff and took that lovely pic of the view of downtown Dallas.  My room definitely needs to be renovated-  I had to do some seriously creative wiring and lighting and I am happy to have brought my own comforter.  But that's just me-- I take home wherever I go.  The hike back and forth between my car and the bungalow up the hill four times to get my stuff to the room in 100 degree heat was all the exercise I needed-- and a little sauna-style detox.  Interestingly enough you can't drive up to what used to be the motor part of the motor hotel anymore, you know the little open air garage next to your room.  You can't even drive onto the property. But that means it's pretty darn quiet here and that's just the way I like it. 

I then chugged on over to the Spiral Diner where I had the Duderina Sandwich-- hello vegan chicken fried!  Yum!  And I got a cherry chocolate bomb cupcake to take home with me- also vegan.  Can you say heaven?  My cholesterol can. And I will admit that upon pulling up to the hotel I texted these words to Jenny M: "You can walk to Juiceland from the hotel.  Squeee!!!!!"  Being able to take care of myself in the way I like to- and need to- while traveling is such a delight.  I can't always get what I want-- but right now I'm doing pretty darn well. 

I was going to hop in the pool but my throat is starting to get that tight feeling so I better forgo that for now and just chill and go to sleep. My history is that when I get a little too visible I get sick-- that's been settling down over the last few years but there is so much bound up in this premier (like 20 years of personal, career, and creative stuff) that I need to be really aware of how I'm feeling and take super good care of myself. 

So that's it for now!  I'll try to do a daily update for you whenever possible:) 

Much love- 


PS: please excuse all typos, punctation and grammar. It ain't gonna get better as I get busier and more tired so let's just let it go now:)

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