Welcome to my inner geek

I am working on prepping STUCK for distribution on Prime Direct. Amazon has specific requirements for films-- including closed captions. We just finished a successful mini-fundraising campaign to cover costs-- and exceeded our goal by nearly 50% thank you very much!!! That means I got to send the film out to get the closed captions created. It was so simple-- I uploaded the video to Rev.com and paid them last night. This morning I got an email saying they were done! Now I need to go through and edit it. 

I opened the portal they sent and was shocked-- I took a screenshot of it for you. How cool is that! The portal engine automatically runs everything in realtime so you can see how the captions are going to land on the video and it allows you to edit the text descriptions, sound descriptions, etc. This is important because when they send me the completed file they are going to send me a separate file that is text and timecode only that I won't be able to open because I don't have the software and I will upload that file separately from the movie onto the Amazon portal. 

I won't be able to look at the whole thing for accuracy until Tuesday-- so we'll see how I am feeling about it then but for now I am super happy in geekland.

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