Where is joy? It's in the details.

Last week I was talking with a neighbor- there's a whole lotta chatting going on in this little town:) She said, "there's never anything new here." That gave me a pause, because I love walking around and exploring. I always find something new! At first, I thought "well, that's because your new, so of course this is all new to you." Then I realized- no, it's all about perspective. 

Life is never stagnant- nor is the world around us. Everything is constantly changing. For example, right now we're in spring bloom. When I first arrived, there was snow, then crocus, then the trees began to sprout, then daffodils...and now Irises. Next up: Peonies!!!! I don't have to go to Trader Joe's to get my Peony fix! All of this is right outside my door. But for a limited time only;) If I'm not paying attention I will miss them- and the world will become one big blur. 

It's also a matter of receiving beauty. What do I see? Well, this last week I was astounded by how many varieties of Bearded Iris are within a short walk of my house! I was inspired to photograph them so that you could enjoy them too. The details on these Irises are stunning- if you take a moment to soak them in;)

An invitation: I'm inviting you to pause right now and let your eyes wander around your environment. Allow them to rest on something- maybe it's something you've seen a million times or maybe it's something you never took a second look at. Soak it in for 30 seconds. Now. How do you feel? What surprised you in that 30 seconds? I would love to hear about it!

See you next time! Jenni

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